Patrick Swindale

Patrick Swindale: Why Boy Scouts Are Now More Important Than Ever

Patrick Swindale strongly believes that the Boy Scouts serve a very important function in modern society.

Patrick Swindale (16)The Boy Scouts have remained an integral part of the cultural fabric for decades now and for good reason. It is more than a mere extracurricular activity or hobby for the young men who participate.
It is a life-changing event. The impact will be felt for years after the young men have moved on.

The lessons that are imparted during Boy Scouts stick with the Boy Scouts well into adulthood. Patrick Swindale is a shining example of these lessons. He believes that there are no shortage of reasons for young men to enroll. These are the most crucial reasons to enroll, in the eyes of Patrick Swindale.

Becoming More Goal-Oriented | Patrick Swindale

Thanks to their faith-based principles and community-oriented philosophies, the Boy Scouts allow young men to become far more goal-oriented than ever before. In fact, Patrick Swindale believes that the Boy Scouts helped him to become the man that he is today.

The Boy Scouts taught Swindale how to set goals, make the proper decisions, and treat people with the respect they deserve. Community service projects are a crucial aspect of the experience, as they provide young men with the chance to give back to the communities that have already given them so much.

Good Citizenship | Patrick Swindale

It is never too early to learn more about good citizenship and this is something that Patrick Swindale has always prized. Many of the lessons that Patrick Swindale learned from the Boy Scouts have served him well in his logistics and finance endeavors. Boy Scouts are given the tools that they need to behave in a more respectful manner towards their fellow man.

Boy Scouts are also taught how to behave in a more respectful manner towards the environment. This is an especially important lesson for young men to learn, now that we have a deeper understanding of our relationship with our surroundings.

Acquiring Life Skills | Patrick Swindale

Patrick Swindale attributes the success he has achieved in logistics, finance, international trade, and piloting to the life skills he acquired with the Boy Scouts. The life skills that are taught to Boy Scouts will assist them with all of their future endeavors. Many young men do not have the basic outdoor skills that today’s Boy Scouts possess.

Thanks to the Boy Scouts, Patrick Swindale learned how to pitch a tent, catch fish and survive in the outdoors. In addition to learning the ins and outs of the great outdoors, teamwork is also emphasized. This is a crucial skill that will assist young men as they start to make the jump into the corporate environment.

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