Patrick Swindale

Patrick Swindale Discusses the Importance of Nutrition in Weightlifting

Patrick Swindale loves to talk about weightlifting.

His workout regimen sees him lifting weights six times a week, alternating routines, at his gym. It’s his favorite method of preserving his muscle mass and gaining more strength and stamina. Here, Patrick Swindale talks about the importance of good nutrition when weightlifting and the tips he has picked up over the years.

Patrick Swindale (12)“Weightlifting is a longtime hobby of mine,” Patrick Swindale begins. “Over the years, I’ve used it to lose weight, to gain muscle, and sometimes just to maintain strength,” he adds. “However, weightlifting alone won’t help you with any of those goals if you’re not serious about balancing your lifestyle,” he says. One of the things needed to balance your lifestyle is the proper amount of sleep. Another more important element is getting the proper nutrition. The right type of nutrition is essential for energy, metabolism, tissue growth, and health and fitness in general.

For instance, if you want to bulk up your muscles, he says, you need to know that weightlifting breaks down the muscle tissue. “Workouts actually damage muscle tissue,” Patrick Swindale says. “The muscles grow bigger as they repair themselves,” he adds. The key is to have the proper nutrition for what it is you’re trying to do whether it’s losing weight, gaining weight or just getting in shape.


“If you want to grow bigger muscles, you need more high-quality protein,” Patrick Swindale says.

The trick is getting the right combination of protein, fats, and carbohydrates, he explains. Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles, Patrick Swindale says, and you’re not going to grow muscle without it. To do this, you need to consume more protein than your body uses, he says. On the other hand, Patrick Swindale says if you’re using weightlifting just to try to stay in shape, you won’t need as much protein as a bodybuilder. You’ll want a balanced diet at that point.

Good fats are another important part of eating healthy, Patrick Swindale says. The right type of fats help you absorb certain nutrients better and plays a big role in testosterone production, which is important for muscle growth, he says. Having enough carbs in your diet ensures you have enough energy to do the workouts, Patrick Swindale says. But if you eat too many carbs, you’ll store the extra as calories in the form of fat, he explains.

Finally, water is something the body needs during workouts. Water helps you maintain the balance of body fluids, Patrick Swindale says, and it’s important for so many operations at a cellular level. Because you’re sweating a lot when you’re working out, it’s important to replace the water as you go, along with electrolytes to keep everything balanced. “Staying balanced is the key to staying healthy,” he adds.

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