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Patrick Swindale

Using Social Distancing as an Excuse to Dig Deeper into Finance with Help from Patrick Swindale

Patrick Swindale dives deeper into finances while observing social distancing. Many people are struggling with their finances due to the way the COVID-19 pandemic has affected them. Although people have been laid off and are sitting at home, Patrick Swindale sees this as an opportunity to help many with understanding finance. According to Patrick Swindale, many […]

Patrick Swindale

Big Brother, Maritime Humanitarian, International Tradesmen, Boy Scout Leader: This is Patrick Swindale

Meet Patrick Swindale, an exemplification of a man destined to become a social leader. Residing in Lakewood, Washington, Patrick Swindale spends every day serving his family, community and pursuing his goals to become a future leader in commerce and society. After graduating from Washington State University, where he was a leader of Kappa Sigma and […]